The Car Repairs You Can (Seriously) Do Yourself

The cost of car maintenance and repairs keeps on increasing. It can certainly be a massive drain on the family finances. However, regardless of your skills, there are many repairs that you could carry out yourself – and we don’t just mean simple oil changes. With the right information and a few simple tools there is a lot more you could be fixing.Car maintenance and repairs

It’s all about confidence

Many people feel that they are unable to carry out car repairs because they may damage their car permanently or cause further damage. However, cars are well engineered machines, that take a lot of mistakes on the part of the mechanic to do any real damage. Most car repairs can be undertaken by even the least qualified person. It is all having the determination and confidence to carry out that first repair.

Where to go for help

The internet is a source of excellent help for those do it yourself car repairs. There are several large websites with specialist advice and even videos. They usually also contain how to, step by step guides and give diagnostic advice. There are increasing numbers of phone apps available that can be really useful, and can be used when working on the car at the same time. There are even apps available for checking whether some tasks are worth the time and effort to repair by yourself, or if it is a false economy and your better off taking your car to the garage.Your phone, computer or your tablet computer is your repair manual. Make sure you bring these out to the car with you to see. Make sure you keep reading the instructions or watching the video several times over before you feel that you are ready to tackle the repair. It maybe worth taking photos at each step of the way through the repairs so that you can refer to how it is supposed to look at each step of the repair. If you are the kind of person that prefers to work off paper, then an investment in your cars proper repair manual may be useful.

Basic tools for your car repair

Although there are many makes and models of cars, most manufacturers actually only use the same, basic nuts and bolts for the majority of parts. Going on this information, the tools you will certainly need to carry out your car repairs are:

  • An adjustable wrench
  • A torque wrench
  • A socket and ratchet set
  • A pliers
  • A phillips and flat head screw driver
  • A Jack

Of course, it maybe that you do require other, additional more specialist tools to carry out some maintenance. At that stage you need to consider if it is worth the purchase, or if it is more economical to take your car to a garage.When it comes to parts, searching online is certainly the most economical option. There are many websites where by entering your car registration number you will quickly find what you are looking for.The main message to take away from this article is a reminder to do your homework. Research exactly what you need to do and work out if doing the work yourself is cost effective.

Mustafa Trantow II