Must have tools for your garage

Whether you carry out your own car maintenance to save money or are an enthusiast whose passion is restoring classic cars, there are some tools your garage should not be without.Spanners

1. Tool Chest

All car enthusiasts rapidly acquire a wealth of small hand tools, and the key to getting a job done quickly and efficiently is to be able to lay your hand quickly on the correct tool for the task. Tool chests can cost hundreds of pounds, but you don’t necessarily need to buy one from a top-end manufacturer. Keep an eye on the sales, as it is often possible to grab a bargain during this period. A tall chest on rollers for large items, with ball-bearing drawers for ease of use, with perhaps a small chest on top for wrenches and sockets will be enough for most projects.

2. Tool Trolley

A tool trolley is a useful item if you have room for it. You can load it up with all the tools you need for a project, and it is a useful temporary store for parts and fasteners you remove as you work on your car.

3. Socket Set

Don’t skimp on a socket set, this is an area where you do get what you pay for. It is good advice to go for a mid-priced product: the ratcheting mechanism in cheap socket sets can break at the most inconvenient times.Get a set with the full range of drive sizes, a full set of deep-well sockets, a set of swivel-head drive adaptors and a speed wrench and T-bar drive handles.

4. Torque Wrench

Get one with a half-inch drive that reads to 150lbs-ft. You might want to get smaller sizes with if your project requires it. if working on later model cars, you will need a torque wrench that accommodates torque-to-yield fasteners.

5. Air Compressor and Air Tools

If your budget permits, an air compressor and a selection of air tools will take your garage into a different league. They will be very useful if you intending to do any body work. Go for a compressor that produces at least 90 psi and provides up to 6 cfm to run your tools. Once again, with air tools you get what you pay for, so for occasional use, go for mid-priced tools.

6. Magnetic LED Lamp

LED lamps provide an intense, white light without heating up, and magnetic ones can be attached to any convenient metal surface,such as the underneath of a car bonnet; they are perfect for illuminating any tricky job.

7. Trolley Jack

A trolley jack is a versatile piece of equipment for all inspection jobs; it can be used inside and outdoors. They come in a range of sizes to accommodate different sized vehicles.