How to Set up a Poker Game in the Garage

If you are looking for a great idea to bring your friends together and have an exciting night at home then a poker event could be exactly what you need. They are a great way of bonding, relaxing, and having a whole lot of fun in a comfortable environment. While they don’t need a lot of props or preparation to be successful, a little bit of planning and foresight will go a long way to pulling off an epic evening with friends.

The Environment

This will, of course, come down to personal preference but here are a couple of tried and tested favourites to give you some inspiration. Music can have a big influence and many people opt for a jazzy sound to give their space a 1920s club vibe. Food will definitely be needed especially a poker night can go on longer than expected the more people get into the games and the stakes are raised. Drinks are optional of course depending on you and your friends’ preferences, and cigars can also add to the atmosphere and make the night a bit more special.

The Essentials

The things mentioned above are optional and will depend on your preferences but there are some items that you will need to play poker. First up, you will need a table that comfortably accommodates you and all of your friends. You can get purpose-built poker tables which will add realism, but you can also get poker table toppers that work as well and cost a lot less. Next up is at least two decks of good quality cards, you will be hitting these pretty hard over the night so try not to scrimp on quality. Lastly are the chips, of which you want at least about 500. They generally come in four colours – white, blue, red and green and you can decide what value you would like to assign them.

The Rules

Lastly, you will all need to choose which variety of poker you will be playing and make sure that you are up to date with the rules and hand rankings. Presently Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker game in the world and if you need a refresher or to learn the rules take a look online which will have you up and running in no time.

Mustafa Trantow II