A Hobby Casino in your Own Home

A poker table in the man cave is great, but what about turning the space into a fully functional hobby casino for friends and family, complete with used slot machines, a professional entertainment system, and bar? It’s easier to do than you might think. From building your own poker table to finding great deals on used slot machines online, setting up an impressive home casino has never been more simple and accessible.

Roulette Table

No home casino is a real casino if it doesn’t have a roulette table. Roulette makes for a great respite from poker and other highly strategic casino games as it allows them to simply spin the wheel, leave it all to chance, and try to beat the house (which in this case is your house, but that’s O.K). What’s more, anyone can play roulette, even if they’ve never been to a casino or even dabbled with online gaming; the possible returns on bets and the stakes are right there on the spinning roulette table.

Furthermore, in the same way that there’s plenty of used slot machines available from sites like eBay, Amazon and even Craig’s List, you can buy a used Roulette table. But better still, you can save money, learn something, challenge yourself, and impress your friends and guests by deciding to build your own roulette table.

This is easier to do than it seems, thanks to the number of high-quality YouTube videos that show you how to make your very own roulette wheel and table, step-by-step: these range from large scale tables that require that you be somewhat handy with a few power tools, to smaller roulette tables made from cardboard, fidget spinners, and a few other common household/stationary store items.

This latter DIY roulette wheel is a great project to do with the kids, and don’t let the cardboard aspect fool you: it looks super pro and plays great too!

Mustafa Trantow II