Famous Brands of Spare Parts for Your Car

Buying spare car parts can be a huge hassle. There are hundreds of parts inside a car and thousands of manufacturers making them. Figuring out what brand is good, what isn’t can be very difficult for all but the most experienced of automotive enthusiasts. This guide will help you sort through the thousands of brands for car spare parts:

Shock  Absorbers1. Car Body Panels and External Parts

This category includes all external additions to cars. Think spoilers, bumpers, side skirting, etc. Quality is a major issue in this category as some of the cheaper, non-branded alternatives not only suffer from strength and durability issues, but also don’t look as good as the branded parts.Top brands to buy are Bosch, Valeo, Hella, and Lucas.

2. Brakes and Braking Parts

This includes brakes, brake fluids, and other parts associated with car brakes. For the sake of safety, you should buy only the best parts possible in this category. The difference between a cheap knock off and brakes from a top brand can be immense.Top brands for brakes are Bendix, Bosch, Mintex, Ferodo, TRW, and Textar.

3. Electrical Parts

Cars have dozens of electrical parts, from wiring and cables to batteries and bulbs. While you can generally buy wires and cables from non-branded manufacturers, it is advisable to invest in only the best batteries, bulbs, spark plugs, etc. you can afford as electrical components pose a fire risk.Top brands for car electrical parts are Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Lucas, Siemens, Fuel Parts, and Hella.

4. Engine Parts and Cooling

If you ever decide to tinker with the engine, you will need a ton of engine parts. Engines also require a lot of cooling agents and fluids to function properly.Some of the top brands for engine parts are Vibra-Technics, Pierburg, K&N, Mahle, Dayco, Quinton Hazel, Facet, Nissens, and Bosch.

5. Car Interiors and Furnishings

This category includes the entire range of car interior parts and furnishings, from seat upholstery to dashboard trims. The quality of plastics and upholstery materials can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer. For the most part, this is a “you get what you pay for” category. Investing in a more expensive brand will generally yield better results.Top brands for car interiors are Blitz, Corbeau, Sparco, MOMO, and Foliatec.

6. Transmission Systems

This needs no explaining – transmission systems are vital to running a car. They are also technically complex parts that require extensive expertise to manufacture. Hence, it is advisable to invest in only the best brands you can afford.Some of the best transmission system brands are AP Racing, LUK, Sachs, Blue Print, B&M and Valeo.Other brands for car spare parts you can consider are H&R, Elibach Springs, TEIN (suspension systems), NGK, Bremi, Beru, Denso (ignition systems), and HKS, Defi, Turbosmart, Revotec (gauges and instruments).